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Custom Made Fasteners

Utilizing our massive inventory of blanks, we manufacture fasteners inclusive of custom bolts, nuts, and screws for mining, heavy machinery, military, railroad construction, plus agricultural equipment applications. We work with sizes from 1/4" to 4" in diameter and lengths of up to 72".

In addition to the distribution of standard fasteners, our reputation is also built upon the ability to meet your unique fastener requirements, such as extra-large and extra-long sizes. If you need to drill a hole through a part, fit an extra thread, add a special body diameter, or create a special pattern across the flats, we can do it for you. Blanks in every imaginable head style are stocked at our facility, and they can be modified according to ...
Custom Made Bolts

Custom Made Bolts

With over two decades of experience, Chicago Nut & Bolt, Inc. is a high quality provider of custom-made bolts. We engineer our bolt services to be as flexible as possible, aiming to provide many common and rare material, size, and finishing choices. By selecting our bolt services, you’ll have a production partner that will not limit your design intent.

We are capable of producing bolts to many different standard and nonstandard sizes. Diameter ranges from ¼” (M6) to 3” (M72), and length tops out at 72.” We have high competency in manufacturing a series of bolt styles, including hexagonal, square, round, countersunk, flanged, socket, and 12-point. A plethora of standard materials is available for each, as well as high-strength ...
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